"Assign to..." - Assignments for a specific audience within your class

From launch in 2021 until 25th August 2022 it was only possible to set Assignments for a whole class on SentenceBuilders.com 

That's now changed :)

Whole class vs Specific students

When you come to set an assignment in one of your classes, as long as you have added students to your class, you'll now see the option to assign either to the whole class, or to selected students. If you click the "Specific students" option, you'll see your students listed as below:

You can simply select the students that you want to assign to, and after doing all of the other bits and pieces required at the "Finalize" stage (add due date, start date as required, etc.), click on "Save changes" / "Set assignment" (depending on the view) to assign to the selected students within your class.

Group view?

If you have defined Groups, you will also see the option to view your students listed in Groups. (See image at the top of this blog post). 

This is a quick way of assigning to multiple students without having to click on student names one by one.

Defining Groups...

In the Edit tab of your classes, you'll see a "Manage Groups" button...

Click this to open a popup which allows you to define Groups within your class.

Unlike the Teams popup (for competition teams), there is no randomize option, since the idea is that you will put students into groups based on ability / performance / [lack of] effort, etc., rather than creating random lists. This then allows you to select the students within that group as the intended audience for differentiated assignments.

The "Assignments" tab

If you assign to the whole class, your assignments will look the same as previously. If you assign to a list of students, you'll see a clickable "Student list..." marker which allows you to view the students to which an assignment has been assigned:

The image above shows the Assignments tab in the teacher view. Students will only see assignments that have been assigned to them, either as a whole class or as a listed student.

If you subsequently make changes to the intended audience of an assignment once a student has already started it, any student no longer listed will be kicked out of that assignment and the assignment will no longer appear for them in their class.

The "Data" tab

The same "Student list..." marker appears in the Assignment Data section of the Data tab.

 And unlike "whole class" assignments, which show the whole class list in the assignment data view, assignments intended for a specific list of students will only show the list as defined by you:

Note that if you have made changes to the intended audience of your assignment, any previous assignment completion data from other students in the class will also be shown in the above view, but students not listed will have their names greyed out so that it's easier for you to distinguish between the data provided.

We hope you find this update useful :o)