Comprehensive SentenceBuilders review by "Learn with J" (@JeNoMfl)

Jérôme Nogues (@JeNoMfl on Twitter) has done a comprehensive review of the SentenceBuilders website via his "Learn with J" YouTube channel.

Jérôme's review is extremely clear and thorough, and I would say that it covers almost every aspect of the website.

It's an epic review, at over 28 minutes in length, which just goes to show how many things are covered, and the level of detail and commentary involved. A truly excellent job! 👏👏👏

(So much so that I'm wondering whether I need to bother making any more myself... 😉)

Below the video, you will see a list of the topics covered, as well as the times in the video at which they occur.

Here is the video:

Times below are a guide to content. If you view the video on Jérôme's YouTube channel (click the link above in the video player to view it in YouTube), you'll see the same time points listed below the video, and you'll be able to navigate to the section of the video by clicking on the time link. (On this page, though, they are here as a guide only.)

  • 00:11 Main interface
  • 00:44 Using SB Premium Resources
  • 01:29 Text to Speech speed change
  • 01:37 Sound options
  • 01:48 SB Class display function
  • 04:52 Full view & printing SB
  • 05:23 Activity view
  • 06:08 Activities tab (blue)
  • 06:49 Vocab chunks section
  • 8:04 Delayed dictation
  • 10:00 Jigsaw rebuild
  • 10:50 Random & Circuits tabs
  • 11:58 Community Resources
  • 12:54 My Resources & Text Search
  • 13:41 Create a SB
  • 15:52 Add colours
  • 17:26 Sentences and translations automatically created
  • 18:11 Organising Resources
  • 19:56 Create a class
  • 20:23 Adding students
  • 21:42 Share usernames & passwords with students
  • 22:49 Set an Assignment
  • 25:36 Student view
  • 26:31 Create a competition
  • 28:20 Final opinion

I think the only slight correction that I would make is in the bit where Jérôme says that you need to go to the School admin page to add students to a class. This definitely is an option available to those who have the school admin role for their subscription, but all teacher subscribers can also perform exactly the same operations via the "Edit" tab of each of their classes. (Something which I think Jérôme makes allusion to a little later in the video.)

Hope you find this useful :)