Exporting random chunks & sentences

We recently added some functionality that allows teachers to export lists of chunks or sentences for use elsewhere.

The pop-up is accessed via the "Teacher Tools" button which teachers should see below every SB on its resource page:

The options in the pop-up (see image at top of post) are fairly straightforward. You choose between chunks and sentences, the number that you wish to export, what to copy, and how to separate pairs (if pairs are selected).

Note that by default the "TextActivities / Textivate" option is set, which allows you to paste directly into the "Vocab / Matching" text box on TextActivities.com (for those who have a TextActivities subscription) or into the "Match" tab on Textivate.com (for those who have a Textivate subscription). 

Note that the "Tab separated" option allows you to export matching pairs to many other quiz platforms, such as Quizlet (etc).

We hope you'll find this a useful addition :o)