SB Assignments now have the option of a delayed start

The ability to schedule assignments -- i.e. to make them available from a certain date & time in the future rather than having them immediately available -- is one of the most requested features on

And now it's arrived!

The image above shows the assignments pane of a SentenceBuilders class from a teacher's perspective, showing assignments listed in descending date order (so that those set for further in the future appear at the top).

You will see that the top assignment is greyed out, with a time indicator stating the date and time from which the assignment will be available to students. The bottom assignment is a regular assignment without a delayed start.

Although there is no "Start" button for the delayed / scheduled assignment, the teacher can use the "Assignment preview" option available in the teacher tools popup accessed via the menu (3 vertical dots) to the right of the assignment block to run through the assignment and try out all of the activities, the same as with a regular assignment. And of course teachers can edit assignments to add / remove a delayed start.

Students will not see scheduled assignments in their view -- they only see assignments that are currently available.

When you create an assignment, by default there is no delayed start. But at the "Finalize" stage, where you normally set the due date for the assignment, you'll now see a "Delayed start?" checkbox. If you check this box, you'll see a new date / time input box allowing you to set a start time for the assignment (see image below).

We hope you find this new feature useful :o)