Tracking student activity on

On there are several ways that students can get involved in interactive activities -- each involving a certain level of performance tracking -- so there's plenty of feedback available to teachers on student progress, effort, accuracy and time spent.


On SentenceBuilders you can set assignments based on any resource, whether an "SB premium" resource (created by the SentenceBuilders team for the website), or a "community" resource (created by our users).

Assignments can be "pre-defined" or "DIY"...

(a) Pre-defined assignments

Pre-defined assignments contain typically between 60 and 100 "questions" (approx 30 mins work) which students can come back to as often as they like (i.e. no need to complete all in one session) and progress from less challenging to more challenging activities.

There is also an "Express" version of each of the pre-defined assignments, typically containing about 60% of the number of questions in the full versions.

(b) DIY assignments

A DIY assignment includes whichever activities you choose to add to the assignment, so it can be as short or as long as you like (up to a maximum of 20 activities).

Times, scores, percentages etc for each step of each assignment are recorded and available to access via the Data tab in your classes. As shown in the image below, you can easily identify who has completed the assignment (green vs red), as well as their overall assignment interaction accuracy, percentage score and time taken. And by clicking on the data button next to each student, you get a per-step breakdown of performance.


You can also set "Competitions", based on any resource, for homework or for use in class. These can have a specific skills focus (or not), depending on how they are set up by the teacher.

A competition allows students to select freely from the available activities (which will depend on the "focus" set by the teacher), and they score points on a leader board based on the number and accuracy of their activity interactions.

Competitions have a time limit, and they can last anything from 5 minutes to a couple of weeks.

(a) Individual competitions

Students can see their own points score + their position on the leader board (as well as the scores and positions of the top 10 in the table).

Teachers can see all students on the leader board -- as well as their points, time taken, number of interactions and % accuracy -- via the "Competition data" section of the Data tab of their class.

(b) Team competitions

You also have the option of Team Competitions (new March 2022), so that students are assigned to a team (either randomly or according to your own specifications) and their points are added to a team score.

With Team Competitions, students can only see the team totals for each team, while the teacher can see each individual student's contribution to the overall team score (listed in rank order).


In addition to Assignments and Competitions, both of which require teachers to set them up in classes, students can also access freely any of the resources available to them on the site, including both our "SB Premium" resources, and all resources uploaded by teachers that are part of their subscription.

Data tracking takes place for this resource activity too!

Teachers can see lifetime global totals for each student for the SentenceBuilders site (total time, total points, % accuracy)...

... as well as similar per-resource statistics for each student (again including total time spent, total points and global per-resource accuracy).

Student profiles

Note that students also have access to similar data for all of their activity via the "Activity stats" tab of their profile page.

Also note that these global scores include assignment and competition activity, as well as students' "free access" to resources on the site.