Worksheet printing options (with French "Cadeaux de Noël" examples)

Worksheet printing options have now been added to :o)

The worksheets pop-up is accessed via a new "PDF" button which teachers should see next to the SB print button below every SentenceBuilder on its resource page.

The sentences that are included in worksheets are randomly selected from the 100s or 1000s of sentences generated by each SentenceBuilder resource.

As you can see from the image of the pop-up (at the top of this post), you can select the activity type (from a total of 11 -- correct as of 18th December 2021) and the number of questions to include, and you can also change the font size of the text in the activities.

Each worksheet can include up to 3 sections. Here's an example of one with 3 sections:

Below are examples of all 11 formats available at the time of publication. They are all based on a French "Cadeaux de Noël / Christmas Presents" resource, which can be found on the site in the following location:

SB Premium >> French >> Other >> Specials >> Christmas

Those with a subscription can access the French resource directly here:

To create each of the worksheets, I clicked on the new PDF button below the SentenceBuilder, selected the activity type, changed the zoom level to something that's appropriate for an A4 page in portrait view (approx 3 or 4 clicks on the +zoom button), and selected enough questions so that it fills a page nicely in the print preview window.

(We strongly recommend the use of a browser whose print functionality includes a print preview window, so that you can see what your selection and text sizes will actually look like on paper -- and make any modifications if necessary -- before committing to the print / save. The PDFs on this post were saved using Chrome's "Save as PDF" functionality.)










TRANSLATE (no clues)


Anyway, have a play!

You can produce something similar to all of the above, including combinations of 2 or 3 of the above per worksheet, for all SentenceBuilder resources, including those that you make yourself using our authoring tools.

We hope you find this a useful addition to the website.

I'm sure there will be more print options added at some point :o)