2 recent updates to Assignments on SentenceBuilders.com: delayed start + audience

We thought we'd get ready for the new academic year 2022-23 (Northern hemisphere only, I know...!) by adding a couple of exciting new Assignment features that some of our users have been asking for for quite a while:

  1. Delayed start: i.e. assignments that become available from a specific date & time.

    This allows you to, for example, set assignments that only become available once a lesson starts, or once school is finished, or on a particular day. Great for setting cover work, for example. But also really good for planning in advance without being worried about students tackling assignments before they are ready to do them.
    See this blog post for full info about this new feature :)

  2. Audience: i.e. the ability to set an assignment for specific students as well as for the whole class.

    The new "Groups" feature that accompanies this upgrade makes it really easy to set assignments for a predefined group of students within your class, or you can simply select from the student list. Great for setting differentiated work. Also really good for setting catch-up assignments, or for reassigning to those who have missed or uncompleted assignments.
    See this blog post for lots more info about this new feature :)

The image above shows both of these features in the new Assignment pop-up, accessed via the Assignments tab of all of your classes on SentenceBuilders.com

We hope these 2 updates combined will offer you much more flexibility when it comes to setting assignments via our platform :o)